I’m asked two questions every time I’m meeting people for the first time. First, how did I end up doing what I do (and love)? Second, with a name like Greathouse why am I not in real estate? Really?

Greathouse Consulting is born of my passion for helping executives like you find an easier and better way to do business. It’s about blending our private and work lives, bringing joy through fulfillment and making an impact on the world around us. You will see a happier workforce, engaged clients and shareholders and will cement your company’s position in the community. 

Purpose driven companies are all about finding work that matters to your employees and allowing them to drive meaningful impact on their work, personal growth, families and communities.  The more meaningful the impact of the purpose on the world, the more impact it is on the person.


brenda greathouse

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about finding answers. It’s not about any one thing. I’m a packrat for storing information and I love fitting the info into the open slots to solve problems. This made me a dynamite librarian! It also means I am intrigued by games and solving puzzles.

I found out early on that the 9 to 5 corporate world isn’t for me. I don’t turn off when the work day ends. So I became an entrepreneur. Of course I have squeezed in marriage, kids,  and even served as a “sandwich mom”, surely the hardest job any one person can have. So my entrepreneur roots have taken me from health care through the arts to marketing to conscious business. And my businesses have changed as I have matured, spiritually, emotionally and logically.

There have been a couple of constants for me. One is that regardless of what I am doing I am building teams that are compelling and impactful. The other is that I have known intrinsically that there is no work life balance.  We need to flow through the different parts of our lives, blending work and life.

My personal growth has been a journey to find the answer to this quandary. It’s been a quest that has resulted in discovering that truly blending our intellect with our emotions and our being is possibleI find that I’m not alone on this journey. It’s become a movement.  I have built an amazing team to help you find out how happiness at work and in life is possible.

Blending Work and Life...

(Brenda and Bill on the famous Mulholland Highway Snake)

team building resources

I enjoy using games to build teams. Choose some of my custom games and puzzles to build your teams.

community Building

Employees thrive when they feel comfortable sharing ideas, know their “safe zones” and can be authentically present and heard. 


Finding your purpose can be a challenge. Fitting it into your company and getting your employees to “buy in” can be even harder. 

Why I do what I do...

I do what I do so that You can have it all!

I’m here to serve you. With my skills for finding the answers you have looked for. For clarifying the information so that you can implement it. For finding unique ways to deliver these answers.  And for seeing that your employees develop the skills they need to communicate your message.

 This company is built on the foundation that we all have small seeds to plant that can change the world. I challenge you to be more than you have ever been. There is an unstoppable force for good around us. We just need to tap into it.

Through my free information, workshops, consulting and yes, my games I hope you will be enthused by the possibilities ahead.  Be happier at work, at home and with your friends. Tap into lessons that will put a new oomph in your relationships.

There’s a secret sauce (really it’s not as secret as you think) that will bring you abundance….

the team

No one can go it alone. Especially me! After all, I am known for building truly compelling teams. These are my trusted advisors, partners and friends. Each is a rockstar in her field. All are passionate about having purpose at the very foundation of their lives. Having just one person who has blended high intellect with  a high emotional quotient (EQ) and a recognition of the awareness of working toward a higher purpose is a formula for success. Having a team is high performance at its finest!

Deb Dobbs - Interpersonal Communications

Using purpose to drive communication, interpersonal relationships and leadership for clients in academic and global environments.

Cari Murray - Marketing and Sales Training

Focused on Conscious Marketing with the belief that every point of contact is a way to turn the professional into an effective ambassador for the company.

Shanna Smith - Business Analysis

Ongoing analysis is core to the success of placing happiness in the center of the company culture. Employee engagement and well-being are critical components.

Want to see how happiness fits in your company ?

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