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When You Surround Your Team with Happiness

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Happiness at Work

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Are you frustrated that organizational plans for your company aren't where they should be?

  • Are you kept up at night thinking that the people you trust just don’t get your vision?
  • Do you worry that employee incentives are not building a sense of community in the company?
  • Do you feel it in your gut that there is something missing but you can’t put your finger on it?

If you need to gain back the freedom and pride that having a superbly running business gives, you need to find the holes in your plan.

Like you, we have struggled with changing times. We appreciate the challenges you face each day.

More than 70 years experience combined

The team has diverse backgrounds in health care, information sciences, the arts, teaching, IT, manufacturing and sales. This diversity enables us to bring an understanding of the unique environments in which you live and work.

Where Our Strategy Helps You

We give you a new perspective tailored to doing business in a more caring and compassionate (hint: more profitable!) way.

Identify Corporate purpose

Companies that flourish in this 21st century see beyond the financial goals to really reflect the core values of you as the chief executive and for your stakeholders. A positive culture that adds meaning to the lives of your staff, your customers and your investors ensures continued growth.. Find out how.

encourage happiness at work

Happiness is that state of being where true creation and connectivity is taken to the highest level. When your staff can experience kindness and really enjoy their work you will reap financial and productive results. In fact research shows that happiness can increase these metrics significantly. Find out how.

Train compelling ambassadors

Engaged leaders make compelling ambassadors for your company. Masterful ambassadors are your first line in promoting your business, finding new talent and new opportunities. Engaging your staff to become such leaders is paramount to your continued growth. Find out how.

If you want to excel in this current Industry 4.0 world, you need to keep the human connection top of mind.

  • This human connection exists among your stakeholders including investors, customers, suppliers, community and your employees.
  • Retaining a happy employee is perhaps your biggest challenge.   We help you build teams that cross generations, gender, ethnicity and cultural behaviors.
  • Building a community of teams working from remote locations with different abilities and functions as company ambassadors requires special skill sets.

Just 3 simple steps can give you clarity in taking your business forward.


Schedule your appointment to see how we can help you get out of the bunker and back on course.


We analyze the plans to find the missing puzzle pieces.. No need to scrap what you have done so far.


We give you options to fill in the gaps and research the resources you need to complete your transition.

Your company will benefit from a team of Compelling Ambassadors.
Let us help you develop them.

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