Turning Stories into Business Growth

Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva and profounder

Tweet Developing a small business in the United States, and in most cases, globally, frequently relies on the kindness of friends and family. We have all heard of the horror stories of trying to obtain capital from banks and venture capitalists. At last there may be a solution to help SMBs through modern funding techniques.

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Corporate Social Responsibility-Being a Good Neighbor

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Tweet He had every intention of retiring from medicine and becoming a gentleman farmer. Eight kids to see through college but a recent bequest had left him acreage in South Florida right on the Intercoastal Highway. His dream, an aquaculture farm. What to do/ Shrimp or Tilapia? Such was my research brief for a project […]

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How Social Networks Can Predict Epidemics

Harvard Professor Nicholas Christakis on Social Networks

Tweet Carrie Belle, a truly genteel Southern lady, led an exemplary life as social leader in her small town in the foothills of West Virginia. Her legacy to her great granddaughter was a love for community, her heritage and her family. That granddaughter would grow to foster a love for humanities and sociology and become […]

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Sustainable Travel – Keeping the Grass Greener

Mountain Biking in West Viriginia

Tweet Sustainability is critical when considering travel in a region like the Appalachian Highlands of West Virginia. This state relies equally on its tourism and energy industries. We will be leaving in just a couple of weeks for our final camping trip of the year. Camping in these mountains are a part of my life. […]

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For Culinary Adventures, Cleveland Rocks

July 4 rooftop private event in Cleveland

Tweet Food and wine top every list for interesting things to do when coming to Cleveland. Just had time to read a recommended article from the Pittsburgh Gazette concerning the hot spots. A couple of years ago Bill and I were seated on a rooftop garden overlooking the downtown area with some of Cleveland’s finest […]

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Surfin’ the Waves on Lake Erie? How Challenging Can It Be?

Ladies love to surf on Lake Erie too

Tweet Sitting at my desk thinking about what I would rather be doing than writing to you. I just saw my neighbor’s car pass by my window loaded on top with his windsurfing gear. The sky is a clear September blue with a few low cumulus clouds to the north, just over Lake Erie. The […]

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Adventure Bicycling Tours-Why Riders Love the Roscoe Ramble

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Tweet Adventure biking enthusiasts enjoy challenging themselves against the terrain and the elements. Sticky, humid hot weather plus rolling hills through lush cornfields may not sound the best formula for having a good time but it is not a deterrent for the hundred and twenty plus cycling enthusiasts who look forward to Akron Bicycle Club’s […]

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Southern Hospitality Makes Your Events Memorable

Attracting high value travelers and tourists to a region are a large and growing part of local economies. This article provides tips for event marketers to design destination networks that interest tourists and provide increased opportunities for local businesses to include tourists in their customer base.

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CLE and the Elegant Fries

Tweet michael d symon is such a class act. While most Clevelanders woke to rants in their email, on web pages and in print about LeBron leaving town in such a public way, Chef Symon was graciously in his comments on his public page. His comments stayed with me all day. I decided to visit […]

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Kudos to the Cleveland Museum of Art for More Praise!

Tweet The Cleveland Museum of Art received a stunning endorsement from the NY Times as they prepare to reopen the newly renovated Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Galleries. For those of us who have enjoyed the world class collection over the years, its inaccessibility during the huge renovation and expansion has been a low point to […]

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Making Soccer the Destination: Inviting the World to Visit

Tweet Its official. The bid has been made to FIFA to bring the World Cup Back to the US. Although we love our American Football, soccer is the game of millions of families here and around the world. On the soccer field, moms and dads watch their children while building relationships that will last years […]

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