Adventure Bicycling Tour-Autumn on Shaver Mountain

Join Bill and I for our last camping trip for 2013. The nights will be cool, hopefully the days seasonably warm and the vistas breathtaking. The Potomac Highlands of West Virginia come alive in early October as the mountains are painted with the vibrant colors of Queen Sylvia’s court. We will be camping outside of Elkins. The weekend of October 1 is the kickoff of the Seventy Sixth Mountain State Forest Festival. Space will be limited for this trip since the campground is one of the most popular in the region.

We will be camping in the A+ Stuart Park Campground off of Old Rt. 33 outside of Elkins. Tents can be pitched beginning September 28. The camping trip ends October 1.

This is a weekend where you can pick your challenges. Campers can choose to hike, mountain bike, road bike, motorcycle, mountain climb, fish, or kayak or play on the zip lines. There will be an abundance of heritage activities happening in downtown Elkins and on the Davis & Elkins campus. The Stuart’s Park Recreation Area of the Monongahela National Forest, where the campground is located, is with forty miles of many of West Virginia’s favorite adventure attractions, including Canaan Valley, Seneca Rocks, Audra State Park and Blackwater Falls.

Some of us will opt for the mountain heritage of the festival opening (read husky mountain guys- some in kilts – tossing logs at each other, great mountain music, crafts and dancing).
Others will opt for their own adventures. The important part is that we will all gather together by the campfire to relate our adventures and enjoy each other each evening.

There are some fabulous bed and breakfasts and a Hampton Inn in Elkins for those who want to join us but are just not up to the cool mountain evenings. Please make your reservations quickly with these choices if you want to take advantage of a little additional luxury since this is a festival weekend.

Cost for Camping: $10 per person per night plus $35 per tent

Send email to Brenda for further details and to reserve your place


Stuart’s Park Campground
Old Rt. 33
Elkins, WV
T: 304-636-5070 for directions

Tunnel Mountain Bed & Breakfast
Rt. 1 Box 59-1, Old Rt. 33
Elkins, WV
T: 304-636-1684

Cheat River Lodge and Inn
Old Rt. 33
Elkins, WV
T: 304-636-2301

Hampton Inn
480m Plantation Drive
Elkins, WV
T: 304-630-7500

Mountain Heritage Resources

75th Annual Mountain State Forest Festival
check out the schedule and attractions

Adventure Resources:

Planning on Kayaking?
This is the end of the season for kayaking
Check River Data here for Parsons, WV

Wanting to Try a Unique Climbing Experience?
Experience Via Ferrata – one of only two in the US– popular in the Alps
The Via Ferrata at Nelson’s Rock

Looking for the thrill of Adventure Caving?
Check out Seneca Caverns for guided and adventure caving
Seneca Caverns

Geocaching Anyone?

Here’s a suggestion from Bill B. who loves the hills as much as we do. We have geocached in the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest but never thought to try our hand at the Monongahela National Forest. This is a great way to add adventure to discover trails out of the ordinary. This list gets you started. There are many more to be discovered.

Any experience with geocacheing? Pat and I chased down two caches near the Laurel Fork Campground two days ago. A couple with handheld GPSs and it could be a good time. Probably a new experience for many. Lots of geocaches throughout the area.

Laurel Fork Caches
At Laurel Fork Recreational Area you must find Laurel Fork Trail that
follows along the river. Travel upstream for nearly a mile. The cache is
located nearly 100 yards up the hill under a fallen tree. The cache is my
traditional camo plastic pipe. Laurel Fork Recreational area is located in
the Mon. National Forest and is a beautiful area to camp and fish. Enjoy the
many excellent views traveling on Middle Mtn. Road.
This is an easy walk, the last 150 feet are off trail, but not too bad. The
trail is a service road. The walk is only .2 miles from the gate.

This is a Ammo Box container. Its original contents are; GeoCache notice,
notepad, mechanical pencil, mini pocket knife, disposeable lighter, 2 wire
zip ties, 1 emergency rain poncho, and 1 mini bungee cord.


The Allegheny Highland Trails in Elkins has 25 miles of hiking and biking that includes more than 24 geocaches. Definitely a way to add some high tech adventure to the camping trip.

Wanting to Challenge the Mountains?
… and finally, find the right trail for you

Also check out Andrew’s blog,
He has listed over 100 bile trails in the state.

Need to know More Information on the Area and the Monongahela National Forest?
Go to the Official Website

I think I have covered everything but let me know if there is any flavor that I have not addressed. Comments are on for your suggestions.

Let us know!

Be sure to email me to sign up!

We are limited so let me know soon.

  • lalahsghost

    Hey, let me know a day or so before you plan to ride, and I will try to meet you guys~ It would be great to have photos and cross promote for each other~

  • BrendaGreat

    We will be riding on October 2 and probably October 3, depending on how tired everyone is after the first day. These are after all WV mountains. Love to have yo join us. Feel free to join us for camping as well. I’ll keep you posted when I know the routes.