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    Green Lodging: Is the Mattress the Answer to A Growing Epidemic?

    Tweet They love traveling, as a couple and individually. Comfortable in trendy hotels, glamorous apartments, chateaus and hostels, they love digging in to the local lifestyles. The world is indeed this hip young couple’s playground. Usually they return from their trips with a fresh look at life, warm memories and perhaps a trinket or two.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility-Being a Good Neighbor

    Tweet He had every intention of retiring from medicine and becoming a gentleman farmer. Eight kids to see through college but a recent bequest had left him acreage in South Florida right on the Intercoastal Highway. His dream, an aquaculture farm. What to do/ Shrimp or Tilapia? Such was my research brief for a project back in the early 90’s. Amazing what a medical librarian will be asked to do when she is considered one of the best value adds for recruiting physicians to a tier two regional hospital. But I loved it! What did I find? That the biggest concerns were soil erosion and water quality. Fast forward to…

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    Sustainable Travel – Keeping the Grass Greener

    Tweet Sustainability is critical when considering travel in a region like the Appalachian Highlands of West Virginia. This state relies equally on its tourism and energy industries. We will be leaving in just a couple of weeks for our final camping trip of the year. Camping in these mountains are a part of my life. I grew up in the foothills, not more than an hour away. This is a magical place with sweeping vistas, clear streams, abundant fishing and some of the most gorgeous trails you can imagine. It is important to me that this area is preserved. Looking from the air as we fly over, it is hard…