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    3 Reasons Why You Need to Collaborate With a Micro-Business

    Tweet If you are living in Ohio you are seeing some recovery from the recession. Home values which dropped significantly are beginning to recover. I just read that Ohio is seeing personal incomes rising. This is a patchy story across the country and indeed, globally. For people of my generation who took a huge hit with investments, downsizing and a very competitive jobs market, the most efficient way to recapture that wealth and lifestyle is to take the plunge to create a micro-business.

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    Green Lodging: Is the Mattress the Answer to A Growing Epidemic?

    Tweet They love traveling, as a couple and individually. Comfortable in trendy hotels, glamorous apartments, chateaus and hostels, they love digging in to the local lifestyles. The world is indeed this hip young couple’s playground. Usually they return from their trips with a fresh look at life, warm memories and perhaps a trinket or two.