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    Restaurant Week-Restaurants Work to Bring in Travelers and Locals

    Tweet My daughter Ginger works at the trendy Esca in NYC’s Theatre District. She asked me to remind my readers that NYC Restaurant Week runs from January 24 through February 6, 2011. Esca is one of more than 300 restaurants participating in offering prix fixe three course menus for tempting patrons. In the case of Esca patrons can select the lunch for $24.07. If you are visiting New York for a Broadway show during this time, Ginger reminds me that you will need to reserve your seating for dinner before a show before you arrive. This well known restaurant books early but may be available for the second seating since…

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    Sustainable Fish Choices: From Chef to Diner-Eat Smart!

    Tweet Sustainable food choices make economic and health sense. What we take from the sea is just as important as what we take from the land. For those in travel and hospitality industries, particularly the small businesses that provide the ambiance and depth to cultural regions, bringing this subject to the attention of customers is not always a discussion that is meant for the server or the tour guide.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility-Being a Good Neighbor

    Tweet He had every intention of retiring from medicine and becoming a gentleman farmer. Eight kids to see through college but a recent bequest had left him acreage in South Florida right on the Intercoastal Highway. His dream, an aquaculture farm. What to do/ Shrimp or Tilapia? Such was my research brief for a project back in the early 90’s. Amazing what a medical librarian will be asked to do when she is considered one of the best value adds for recruiting physicians to a tier two regional hospital. But I loved it! What did I find? That the biggest concerns were soil erosion and water quality. Fast forward to…

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    For Culinary Adventures, Cleveland Rocks

    Tweet Food and wine top every list for interesting things to do when coming to Cleveland. Just had time to read a recommended article from the Pittsburgh Gazette concerning the hot spots. A couple of years ago Bill and I were seated on a rooftop garden overlooking the downtown area with some of Cleveland’s finest chefs and urban sophisticates. Thats saying quite a bit when you think that we boast an Iron Chef, the founder of the regional culinary movement, and a nationally acclaimed culinary writer. We also seem to have our fair share of master chefs who have studied and worked around the world and returned to their roots…