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    Green Lodging: Is the Mattress the Answer to A Growing Epidemic?

    Tweet They love traveling, as a couple and individually. Comfortable in trendy hotels, glamorous apartments, chateaus and hostels, they love digging in to the local lifestyles. The world is indeed this hip young couple’s playground. Usually they return from their trips with a fresh look at life, warm memories and perhaps a trinket or two.

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    Surfin’ the Waves on Lake Erie? How Challenging Can It Be?

    Tweet Sitting at my desk thinking about what I would rather be doing than writing to you. I just saw my neighbor’s car pass by my window loaded on top with his windsurfing gear. The sky is a clear September blue with a few low cumulus clouds to the north, just over Lake Erie. The trees are gently moving right now but this is when the winds are getting better for windsurfing.