I’m asked two questions every time I’m meeting people for the first time. First, how did I end up doing what I do (and love)? Second, with a name like Greathouse why am I not in real estate? Really? The answer to what I excel at is found not in my last name but in my purpose.

I live to find answers to problems, sift through the answers and build strategies for helping people like you who are looking for a more fulfilled life. There is no one size fits all solution because we all see the world differently.

There are three types of people.  Those that need to cling to the traditions of a comfortable lifestyle and resent change.  Those who need to maintain the comfort (or even discomfort) for the way things are today, and those that see an evolving world and want to embrace it with open arms.  If you have read this far, then you, like me are one these amazing people.

Greathouse Consulting is born of my passion for helping women like you find that “joie de vivre“, an easier and more fulfilling way to REALLY experience life. I know that you feel that the purpose you have been living so far, in building a family while building a career has kept you in a state of perpetual motion that has pushed you, as that lady with so much to offer the world the back burner.

Experiencing a life fully lived is never complete. We are, each of us, constantly discovering more of why we were created and what in our unique life story is shaping the future of our world.


I look at what is keeping you up at night and find the holes that need plugging. You’ve invested heavily in changing your culture. Now you just need to fill-in the blanks.


Getting through the rough patches is the hardest part of culture shift. I and my amazing partners know where to look to assess just how much needs to be accomplished.


True success only comes when you have the tools to take you from inception of your plans to accountable reporting that measures your success along the way for you and your stakeholders. I search out the best resources and people to complete this cycle.

Why We do what We do...

I do what I do so that YOU can have it all!

I’m here to serve you. With our awesome skills for finding the answers you have looked for. For clarifying the information so that you can implement it. For finding unique ways to deliver these answers.  And for seeing that your employees develop the skills they need to communicate your message.

 This company is built on the foundation that we all have small seeds to plant that can change the world. I challenge you to be more than you have ever been. There is an unstoppable force for good around us. We just need to tap into it.

Through my free information, workshops, consulting and yes, (soon to come) my games I hope you will be enthused by the possibilities ahead.  Be happier at work, at home and with your friends. Tap into lessons that will put a new oomph in your relationships.

There’s a secret sauce (really it’s not as secret as you think) that will bring you abundance…

Want to see how happiness fits in your life ?

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