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Ultimate Ken: 4 Tips to Ride the Wave to Win New Customers

They should be grandparents by now, comfortable with finishing each other’s thoughts, cozy evenings and walks on the Malibu beach. Instead they fell into a pattern of ongoing adventures and romance until it all became dull. She finally dropped him for an Aussie surfer.

Now he has turned up the heat and is determined to win back his girl. No more Mystery Dates. Its up to his fans to get that girl back in his arms.

Few SMBs have the budget or the marketing machine to pull off this ultimate media blitz. But Ken has pulled in the big guns to win back Barbie. You can use their success to reach new customers.

Here are 5 tips to “Ride the Wave” of Ultimate Ken to New Customers

Mattel has built a strong social media campaign around traditional advertising based on the Barbie marketing strengths. the campaign recognizes that interest in Barbie is not based on any age demographic. From comments posted on social media sites, gender is not a factor as well.

Ken and Barbie’s social footprints include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube. There is even a reality series on Hulu where bachelors from across the US compete to be the “Ultimate Ken”.


Tip #!: Mirror the Campaign

Friend request the stars of the campaign, post comments on their sites and set up a Twitter search to find out what is happening with the campaign. Then find creative ways to tie into the campaign.

Tip #2 Create Your Own Campaign

Search your own memories of your single days. Retro is hot! Build a campaign around your favorite memory. Use the steps outlined in the Ken and Barbie campaign to build a smoking campaign of your own.

Tip #3 Tie in with Other Local Businesses

If you a part of a destination network or a local merchants group, build on your relationships to create experiences for your customers. Use advertising, coupons and promotional items to cross promote your businesses. It could be a romance package, a sports package or an adventure package. Whatever the focus, the central theme that ties together the network wil shine through the campaign.

Tip #4 Use the Power of the Machine

Take a tip from McDonald’s. The Happy Meal became popular because of the promotional items included in the box. Although the meal itself became a stand alone marketing item, the popularity of certain brands it markets are what bring the customers back. They piggyback on the hype of certain brands to sell their product.

If there is a brand that targets your demographic, go for it! By tying your name with this brand, you will build your own brand.

Remember that campaigns are ultimately to win customers, old and new.

Let me know what is working or has worked for you. I look forward to hearing your ideas.


Brenda is the force behind Gemma Event Marketing Associates. She launched Oh!! Gemma to highlight how her buddies and associates are using event marketing to extend their conversations with their clients and customers.