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Green Lodging: Is the Mattress the Answer to A Growing Epidemic?

They love traveling, as a couple and individually. Comfortable in trendy hotels, glamorous apartments, chateaus and hostels, they love digging in to the local lifestyles. The world is indeed this hip young couple’s playground. Usually they return from their trips with a fresh look at life, warm memories and perhaps a trinket or two.

Yet returning from a quick weekend via train to the Jersey shore brought unexpected results. Within weeks their NYC loft was overrun with bedbugs. Thus began their trials of finding a way to get rid of the infestation while protecting their pets and personal health. Even worse, they now have something else to watch for when planning future trips.

Research showed that the bedbugs were believed to have been eradicated in the 1940s but were reaching epidemic levels in many paces of the world. But what is most troubling is that with many regions increasingly dependent on tourism dollars, local tourism bureaus on shrouding the epidemic in secrecy.

There is hope for the savvy traveler. A mattress is being sold in the United States and is certified in Europe as being bedbug resistant.

According to Devin Furlong of the Leesa mattress review, this mattress will soon be undergoing testing to be certified as bedbug resistant in the US also. In the meantime, it is being shown at the major hotel and hospitality exhibits in the US.

The Sleep On Green Mattress is not your typical “green” mattress. Manufactured in Italy, the mattress is made from Mother Nature’s purest elements – Wool, Cotton, Coconut Fiber, Natural Latex and Bamboo. Refer to the bed size chart to see how the sizes differ. This mattress is a healthy alternative to the chemical filled mattress that we sleep on today. Same goes for The Eva Sheets which are entirely made of healthy materials. The amount of people reporting poor sleeping conditions should come as no surprise with all the chemicals unknowing people sleep next to.

Completely hypoallergenic; resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew, this mattress is perfect for the allergy prone sleeper. Incorporating natural ingredients allows for breathability and a cooler, more comfortable rest. These fabrics regulate the mattress temperature by moving air in, out and around the mattress all night, whisking away moisture and keeping the sleeper dry and rejuvenated.

If you want to try the mattress out, book a stay at the trendy and popular Miami Beach hot spot, DIESEL’s trendy Pelican Hotel and Cafe. All of the hotel’s 300+ rooms come equipped with this eco-friendly and comfortable mattress.

Looking for green solutions for your B&B, hotel or resort? This may be one of the smartest decisions to promote your business. You get to market your enterprise as green lodging, bedbug resistant and the added cachet of luxury with an Italian brand.

If you are wondering how the couple are doing. They made it through the crisis and are planning their next trip. You may run into them on Miami Beach for this year’s Art Basel next winter.

How are you handling the growing trend for green lodging in your region? I look forward to your comments.

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    This is a great product! It’s about time a product like this was invented. We spend a significant amount of time sleeping, we may as well help the environment and get a great sleep at the same time!

  • Anonymous

    . Thus began their trial to find a way to get rid of the infestation, while protecting their pets and personal health. Worse they now have something else to look for when planning future trips.

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    Great product. It is time for a product like this was invented. We spend a significant amount of time sleeping, you may well help the environment and achieve a big dream at the same time.