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Local Eco-Entrepreneurship – 3 Stories to Think On

TED-Midwest brings this video by Majora Carter of NPR’s The Promised These 3 stories are being told in local regions throughout the country and abroad. What intrigues me is the interconnectivity between ecology, economic development and urban renewal.

The emphasis in our new economy based on entrepreneurship is changing the way that local communities deal with lifestyle, poverty, education and energy.

It is no longer possible for developers who want to see their regions prosper to ignore the impact of innovative thinking in solving multiple problems besides the traditional business models.

The issues discussed in this video are all topics at the forefront of economic development here in NEO. I was especially proud to see Majora discuss the Coal Mountain Watch Project. I wrote about this project in the fall as part of my emphasis on our autumn camping and adventure trip to the Appalachian Highlands of West Virginia. This is my home and my heritage. I hope that the success of Judy’s project will be a part of the legacy to one of the most beautiful parts of our country.

Enjoy this video and please comment. There is so much to share in these amazing stories.

And if you have developed information or case studies to share about any of these issues, please feel free to upload them to the VIA Learning Lab. We all have so much to learn and share… especially in studies the diversification pans for travel and hospitality as part of economic regional development.

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