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Taming the Beast Within-5 Steps to Success

Time to think of gearing up for success in 2011 and beyond. My wish for myself and for all of you is find ENERGY! As small business owners we all have the Desire to be successful. Each of us has a vision. It takes drive and passion to translate that vision to success.

Here’s to a wonderful new year for all of us. I hear rumors and predictions from the soothsayers that the 2011 economy is tracking to improve for most of us. In travel and hospitality, we have had some tough challenges over the past few years. Yet for most regional development, it is imperative that businesses in this area are successful.

I hope you will join me at the VIA Learning Lab to share your successes, build strategic partnerships and get inspired with new ideas.

Here are my 5 Steps that I am following for kick starting my new year. (BTW) I actually started the last quarter of 2010-the beginning of my fiscal year)

1. Nourish the Animal that is YOU.

Its not selfish to put yourself first. People rely on YOU. YOUR support. YOUR strength. YOUR knowledge.

Get yourself a check up. Get physically fit. Get mentally strong.

Clear out those MENTAL cobwebs. Talk through your problems. Keep a journal. Write down your feelings and let that negative energy flow away.

Develop healthy habits to keep yourself in check. It takes a lot of energy to channel your PASSION into success.

I was reminded by reading a blog by one of my marketing heroes, John Carlton, that there is a difference between desire and passion. “Desire” is a yearning for something (ie. success) yet “passion” is an ACTION. It takes energy to as well as desire to get “hot and sweaty” when you are driving toward a goal.

2. Stretch Your Financial Horizons with a Fresh Outlook at Your Products and Services.

Diversify is THE word for 2011.

This is the time to shake up your business model. Look at your products and services and add a new twist that will excite your staff and your patrons.

Diversifying will do this while adding a fresh stream of income that will strengthen your business model.

3. Enrich Your Life with Peers who inspire you.

Have you joined a mastery group? Guidance from an expert in your area with a group of like minded entrepreneurs will keep you en pointe in meeting your 2011 goals. Even better, you will gain vauabe insight into injecting fire into your business plan.

4. Embrace a Newbie just entering your field and share your knowledge.

Forge a relationship with a promising new contact that shares your interests. You may meet them at an association or civic group or take them on a a resident or intern. Be OPEN and WILLING to share your experience, your goals and the steps you are taking to reach your success.

The shared ENERGY will Invigorate your business.

5. Reach New Prospects by Cementing Joint Ventures.

You may offer to “white hat” services for a colleague, share your contact list or, even partner in product development. What ever you decide, these relationships will benefit you with new prospects and sales as well as your partner.

Word of insight: Look toward the longterm and choose your partners carefully. You will invest considerable time in planning and implementation. Look toward a long future.

HELP me get a handle on what you NEED to be a success in 2011. Take the SMB Survey for Travel and Hospitality at VIA Forum. These results will ensure that YOU Get the support you need to reach your goals.

As always, be sure to use the comments to let me know how these are working for you. I also look toward hearing your personal goals and plans.

All the best,

Brenda is the force behind Gemma Event Marketing Associates. She launched Oh!! Gemma to highlight how her buddies and associates are using event marketing to extend their conversations with their clients and customers.