Social Marketing

An Executive’s Guide to Social Media

Social media is a topic in the boardroom as well as around the watercooler. Usually my clients are small business owners who have to think like CEOs but work in the trenches. Yet I am constantly confronted with this discussion when consulting for a new client.

If you are in the category of wrestling with the enigma of social media in the marketing mix as a CEP or business owner I hope you will take a look at Nate Kievman’s white paper, An Executive’s Guide to Social Media. He and his friends at Derning Hill have put this together to give their client’s a better foundation for entering the discussion.

I was impressed with the viewpoint from the boardroom. I was intrigued by the subheading “CEO’s DO NOT FLOCK”. It is very true and yet not something I had really thought about in relation to social media. Perhaps the best part of this report is the list of reasons that CEO’s need to get past their natural antipathy toward social media.

Now on to my next point. The comments on this white paper appeared in my LinkedIn Strategies group. One comment became a ploy for selling services. I am seeing this increasingly in LinkedIn and seeing the fallout starting. Professionals want to preserve the integrity of LinkedIn as a very real resource for discussion. they are beginning to show a frustration with colleagues turning the groups into advertising mediums.

If this continues to ratchet up just as CEOs are discovering the power of this channel, they will tune out. It is the growing body of middle and senior professionals who enjoy the discussions who will suffer. One very important part of the discussion will be missing.

All of us need to sell our products and services. However, it is very important to remember that content driven marketing is a soft sell. Our readers need to maximize their time and are looking for content that adds value to their knowledge base. When we remember this and package our message in a manner that benefits the reader, we are doing our job.

Let me know what you think. I have this discussion with my boardroom type husband all of the time as well as my clients. So I am always looking for a fresh perspective.

Brenda is the force behind Gemma Event Marketing Associates. She launched Oh!! Gemma to highlight how her buddies and associates are using event marketing to extend their conversations with their clients and customers.