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QR Codes Seminar: Business Marketing Tool “Hiding in Plain Site” QR Codes

November 18, 2010
8:00 amto10:30 am
8:00 amto10:30 am

I recently joined Technogranny, Joanne Quinn Smith in Pittsburgh for our first joint seminar on QR codes. A packed room discovered just a few of the possibilities of these 2D codes. Here are 10 Quick Little Facts About QR Codes that can make your marketing efforts easier. 1. QR (Quick Response) codes are hardlinks that can be generated and scanned at no cost. Created by a Japanese car manufacturer to track inventory, they are now being used for everything from tracking to directing to a URL to art. 2. QR codes can be customized to resemble the brand of the company, event or product it represents. 3. QR codes can be read with scanning software by any smartphone (iPhone, Android or others) or on most computers. Some programs will also scan other forms of 2D barcodes. 4. Building a campaign to drive traffic to your brick and mortar location? Print the QR code on promotional materials that can be scanned for an online map. Tie it to a location based mobile app like Foursquare or Loopt. 5. Planning a self-guided walking tour and want to make it more descriptive for the walker? Place QR codes on markers strategically on the tour that direct them to a webpage with the description. Or make it into a trivia contest. 6. Wanting to email a coupon for a month of big sales at your boutique? Mail Chimp’s new mobile app, Pyow! will soon be released for the iPhone (Sorry Android et al users, your turn is coming a little further down the pipe.) mail Chimp is known for making all things look easy. Same with this. Buyer just shows the QR code to the cashier. It is scanned and Mail Chimp tracks the usage. What fun! 7. Are you standing on the floor at a trade show or expo and looking for ways to make that booth pay for itself? place QR codes on the demo products that, when scanned, take the customer directly to the order page. 8. Need to enter the contact information from those business cards you collected last week? Scan the QR codes printed on them from your computer and save the information in your contact database. 9. Want to give followers a way to look “behind the curtains” at the SRO concert going on in your arena? Put a QR code on on the display outside the arena and tell people going by to tune in by scanning it. and finally… 10., the popular URL shortener now includes a QR code generator as part of its shortening process. Simply select “Details” after you have shortened the URL and before Tweeting. Not to be outdone, Google (who hosts the open source QR project, zxing, has just announced This URL shortener takes the QR code to a new level. It also includes metrics that track how often a QR code is opened. There are sure to be a lot more uses as techies familiarize themselves with these codes. Let me know your ideas by commenting. Look for more about QR codes in future blogs and releases. Visit this link: to know the insights about car financing.

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