Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Fish Choices: From Chef to Diner-Eat Smart!

Sustainable food choices make economic and health sense. What we take from the sea is just as important as what we take from the land. For those in travel and hospitality industries, particularly the small businesses that provide the ambiance and depth to cultural regions, bringing this subject to the attention of customers is not always a discussion that is meant for the server or the tour guide.

But chefs and managers can make the discussion a no brainer by adjusting menus, points of interest on tours and attitudes to make these choices just another way to improve the customer’s memories of a great visit.

This TED conference introduced me to Barton Seaver. A National Geographic fellow, Chef Seaver hosts a video segment on the National Geographic website, Cook Wise

People ask me why I try to bring attention to a TED video each week. It’s really easy to answer. I look forward to my weekly updates from TED. These are topics that I believe in and wish to share.

My readers have learned to rely on me to scan current topics and present them to them in a way that can engage them in just a few minutes whenever they can. I am an authority on what I do best, updating my audience. So hear is what I got from this video. I encourage you to watch it and put something you learn from it into practice.

WHAT I GOT FROM THIS: A wake up call that for our health, for our pocketbooks, for our families…and for the earth, we can make choices to enjoy the bounty that we have been blessed with and make life and dinner a celebration.

Read more about Chef Barton Seaver on his organization website. Then comment here about what you agree with and where you disagree. I look forward tot he discussion.

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