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How Social Networks Can Predict Epidemics

Carrie Belle, a truly genteel Southern lady, led an exemplary life as social leader in her small town in the foothills of West Virginia. Her legacy to her great granddaughter was a love for community, her heritage and her family. That granddaughter would grow to foster a love for humanities and sociology and become an information specialist.

The skills learned, initially from her grandmother’s knee (along with of all things crocheting) plus being a darn good researcher and teacher in information sciences led to a love for social interactions and building relationships.

Going with the adage that opposites attract, the lady met this fellow. And they knew that it was much more than a hunch…oops, different story. Said new husband had limited social skills but knew a good thing when he found it. Suddenly he had a perfect date for parties and dinners. His wife learned, either teach him how to interact people or continue being glued to his side whenever they are in public.

Now you know how I came to be the author of Building Relationships: the Social Rose. This book is really the way I have introduced social interactions to my husband and my family. Its not all osmosis. Added value are the skills that I learned as an information specialist and consultant. I have learned to look for the patterns in social interactions, especially in social media and inbound marketing.

Well today, when I opened my newest update from TED, I found an exciting video from the TED@Cannes presentation in June. Nicholas Christakis, a Harvard professor, was presenting his and his colleague’s findings on using social networks to predict epidemics. The great part about this is that it can be used to predict any type of epidemic, from pathogens to social norms. Interesting stuff!

While you take a break, check out this video. It is an eye opener for anyone wanting to understand what takes something VIRAL.

From a marketing perspective, this explains a clear path for getting great results from a campaign in a predictable and shorter amount of time. I won’t tell you the answer because I want you to see it for yourself. Make you own conclusions. And comment below to let me know what you think.

I am telling you that this will be HUGE in marketing in a very little while.

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