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Camping in the Potomac Highlands-Oh the Sports!!

October 1, 2010toOctober 3, 2010

Adventure is to a West Virginian what tofu is to a vegetarian. It’s a part of life in the mountains. Although I am native (since the late 18th century) I really only visit now. Putting together a camping trip for my family and friends meant that I needed to brush up on what is available in the Potomac Highlands outside of Elkins. We will be camping for the last time this year in the gorgeous Monongahela National Forest. The intrepid adventurers joining us enjoy just about any type of challenge regardless of the year. Since this trip is planned to take advantage of the stunning fall foliage, we will be shifting gears from whitewater rafting and, possibly even kayaking to mountain biking. Visit the following to check out the best kayaks according to Smart Start Kayaking. Some of us are interested in trying out via ferrata. This is a permanent iron installation for vertical climbing made popular in the Italian alps. One of only two such courses is located at Nelson’s Rock, close to where we are camping. There are a couple who want to challenge Seneca Rocks. For myself, you will find me escorting the younger adventurers on a hike to Blackwater Falls, wading in the shallows of the river, and visiting the local petting zoo. This is the opening weekend for the Mountain State Forest Festival, a warm homecoming for natives like me who are returning to our childhood memories. It is the perfect time to let the younger set create their own memories. If you are interested in joining us, please check out the camping trip detailsWhat are our favorite fall memories? I look forward to lively discussion, so enter our comments. And, dont forget to find all info here.

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