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Adventure Bicycling Tours-Why Riders Love the Roscoe Ramble

Adventure biking enthusiasts enjoy challenging themselves against the terrain and the elements. Sticky, humid hot weather plus rolling hills through lush cornfields may not sound the best formula for having a good time but it is not a deterrent for the hundred and twenty plus cycling enthusiasts who look forward to Akron Bicycle Club’s overnight bicycling adventure.

The 36th Annual Roscoe Ramble is a highlight of Ohio’s biking season. Riders come from several states to enjoy the ride plus experience some of the attractions and lifestyle that is a part of Ohio’s heritage. Named for the restored canal port Roscoe Village, the ride immerses the riders in the Amish countryside and draws from the abundant agricultural resources and hospitality of the small, historic towns along the route.

Riders are treated to down on the farm hospitality with great meals, including abundant fruit and vegetables. The Roscoe Ramble is supported by the local farms, churches and volunteer fire departments. This goes right along with the ABC members who support the riders as SAG ambassadors for the club.

This is not a ride for inexperienced riders although it has gone from extreme to merely challenging. The full route is a total one hundred fifty miles over two days. There is no time limits but the first day temperature of this year’s ride was in the upper nineties with high humidity levels. Thunder showers during the night brought some relief but made extra work for SAG (Support and gear) drivers to ensure that road hazards from fallen branches and rock washed from side areas were cleared for the drivers.

Registrations for the Thirty Seventh Annual Roscoe Ramble will begin arriving by mid-January. This popular ride does max out, except for campers so plan early. I hope to see you in Canal Fulton for the kick off of the 2011 Roscoe Ramble. Here are some tips if you want to be a part of this event.

Photograph by Susan Richards for the Akron Bicycle Club.

4 Tips for the Roscoe Ramble

1. Get on the mailing list (either email or snail mail) by contacting the Akron Bicycle Club.

2. Condition yourself to ride up to 50 – 75 miles a day once next year’s cycling season begins. Look on the for some great resources.

3. Turn it into a reason to spend time with friends. Be sure to invite one or two to join you. Find a social biking club to join if you a a lone wolf on the roads.

4. Brush up on the region while you are conditioning. The Roscoe Ramble is a great way to see Ohio. You will experience the history of both the canal system and the agricultural industry that supplies so much of America’s tables.

If you have any tips or memories from your own bicycling adventure, please share. I love to get feedback.

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