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CLE and the Elegant Fries

michael d symon is such a class act. While most Clevelanders woke to rants in their email, on web pages and in print about LeBron leaving town in such a public way, Chef Symon was graciously in his comments on his public page. His comments stayed with me all day. I decided to visit his B Spot restaurant since I had a meeting on the east side that afternoon (and I never pass up a chance to visit Eton in Woodmere when I am in the area). Imagine my surprise when I was expecting the Best Hamburger in America (and it was!) and getting the bonus of the Best Fries Around with it. This honor (my own special award) was prviously held by Balthazar’s pomme frites in NYC.

I was delighted to find a perfectly cooked hamburger (I had the Thin Lizzy) with fries so light they could have been baked and then lightly seasoned with sea salt and rosemary. Even better this combo was half the cost of the pricy Balthazar and served by a very friendly server on the patio at Eton. A great way to end a business meeting and kick off a glorious CLE weekend.

And for those curious about LeBron. I am sure that local boy LeBron has eaten a few of Chef Symon’s famous burgers and will continue to often. After all, this is still home.

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