Kudos to the Cleveland Museum of Art for More Praise!

The Cleveland Museum of Art received a stunning endorsement from the NY Times as they prepare to reopen the newly renovated Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Galleries. For those of us who have enjoyed the world class collection over the years, its inaccessibility during the huge renovation and expansion has been a low point to what is by any standard a great achievement in superb planning for this massive project.

When I visit the National Gallery of Art at the Smithsonian in DC I always look for the tiny Saint George and the Dragon by an anonymous artist. It is my own personal scavenger hunt as it was always being moved. My last trip it was in a climate controlled case. The amazing detail of the red sails pinpointed on the horizon always captures my attention. Not to mention the knighted Saint George battling the sinuous dragon on the waterfront. Ah, a tale to dream by.

The same visions came to mind the first time that I took my daughter to visit the Armor Gallery I watched her face as she dreamed of the days of knights and princesses. So as we plan for the next gallery reopening and the completed expansion in 2013, I look forward to my granddaughters and my next trip to the cleveland Museum of Art.

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