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Tina Brown’s Savvy Helps Bring Together the Women of the World

Tonight marks an exciting step for women in the world. The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown, the savvy Brit expat with an amazing track record in news publishing, is launching an online live video feed of the Women of the World Stories+Solutions Conference being held March 12-14, 2010 in NYC.

An amazing slate of women leaders, women’s rights activists, artists and advocates are presenting a snapshot of the status of women in the world, casting a light on the challenges facing women, and providing some solutions to the struggle of so many faced daily throughout our world. Its message is a call to action, a celebration of small successes and a way of putting faces to the stories we hear about and yet feel far removed from in our busy daily lives. This event is exciting in that men as well as women are encouraged to not only view the live videocast but are encouraged to chat on Facebook and Twitter during the summit.

Tina Brown has an interesting track record herself. She is one of journalism’s bright star’s, balancing her tremendous talent as a news editor and publisher with a refined celebrity that builds confidence in her opinions with the public. She is not without controversy. A fact of life for those who choose to lead. Her commitment to women, combined with her blending of political and business astuteness as the reasons I have selected her her a Maven for social interatctions. She leads by example.

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