Spoleto Festival USA-Bridging the Continents Divide

Spoletto Italy hosts the diverse cultural gems of Europe each summer. Originating as the gift to a community by a private family more than 40 years ago, the Italian government is now cementing its status as one of world’s premier cultural events since the death of its founder in 2007. One of the Spoleto Festival’s legacies is the close relationship between it and its daughter festival, Spoleto Festival USA. This festival is hosted from May 28-June 13, 2010 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Spoleto is one of my top picks for Americans and our guests who want to sample the best in American culture. Celebrate the Sweet Life!, the Spoleto Festival USA Annual Auction kicks off the launch to this year’s events on January 29 at the Memminger Auditorium. The celebration will continue this spring with the 17 day official outreach program, Piccolo Spoleto.. This gift from the Charleston, SC Office of Cultural Affairs brings the exuberant celebration of the arts to every citizen and guest of the region through now cost and low cost admissions to the many programs.

Charleston, SC is one of the most historic and beautiful of the American cities. Visitors to the city for the festival will be delighted to fine some fantastic low country cuisine, seafood and charm as only the South can dish it. I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the historic Middleton Place. The tour of this plantation highlighted both the contributions of one of America’s founding families and the legacy of the African Americans who were the builders and engineers of much of the Southern culture for more than two centuries. This blending of cultures is the bedrock of Spoleto.

Spoleto brings the world stage to America. this year’s offerings include Flora, An Opera. the first opera ever performed in the American colonies, it will be a tribute to the close ties Americans have with our European sisters. other outstanding operas, symphonies, musicians, ballets and stage productions provide an amazing repertoire for 2010. Be sure to check out the Westminster Choir. Listening to this choir is one of the most moving experiences a music lover can have.

Learn more at spoletousa.org or call for tickets at 843.724.7305.

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