Its Not Raining Meatballs But The News From Italy is Exciting!

Cleveland weather being what it is lately, I look out and see more snow (although it seems to be melting).  On top of this, we saw our hopes for hosting the Italian World Cup team in a few years here in Cleveland dashed by the US Cup Site Selection committee.  However, Dani in Italy has sent me a couple of great tours for Tuscany this year.  I hope some of you will be interested.  Our Viva Itaia group on LinkedIn is growing with new members on both sides of the Atlantic. Now that Bill is on the road to recovery I can spend some more time with all of you dishing out the latest in American-Italian relations.  We now have the Executive Director of the Cleveland Italian heritage Cultural Garden and Italian Film Festival on board with us.  Welcome Joyce!  We also now have Francesco from Foggia. Francesco produces olive oil in his farm in the south of Italy.

Daniella’s first tour is the flora of Tuscany.  PISTOIA, A GREEN GEM IN TUSCANY  is best experienced in May or June.  It includes tours of the best nurseries in Tuscany.  Day 1 kicks off with a tour of the villa of Italy’s Roses King.  The Vivaio Barni has one the top awards for their creations for more than 5 generations.  More than 200 varieties of roses are available from this nursery.  Following days will include tours of a topiary nursery, the Hesperidarium Citrus Garden and the Zelari, supplier of ornamental plants to most of the marketplaces in Europe.  Interspersed with this will be tours of some of Tuscany’s most beautiful architecture and towns as well as their fabulous dining.

The tour she has put together for the autumn is at the height of Tuscany’s tourist season.  We get to experience the grape harvest!  This is a must for my friends who enjoy biking and wine.  A week at the Cascina dei Fagiolari will place bikers between the Chianti Classico and Montalbano areas.  Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, bikers will enjoy the rolling countryside for part of each day.  Transportation to some of the areas towns, hamlets and villas will fillout the week.  We will tour some of Florence’s wonders as well as the hometown of Leonardo, Vinci.

By the time these tours are held I hope to see us all experts on these areas.  Ciao!

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