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Showcase Expo Highlights Resources in Tri-State Area

There is a synergy between Pittsburgh and Cleveland-always has been.  Just a few hours away, they need to choose their battles.  Sometime one comes out on top, sometimes another.  Sometimes they choose not be compete.  Who are the winners?  I’m not picking sides but look toward sports.  Browns versus the Steelers?  Great rivalry but the stats speak for themselves.  Indians versus the Pirates?  Let’s choose not to compete unless we must.  Where the synergy exists?  Lets look toward biomedical.  Both cities have deep education and biomedical resources.  Both see their landscapes being reshaped by biomedicine.  Just read in Business Week that UPMC is leading Pittsburgh’s revival as the city hosts tomorrow’s G-20 meeting.

It seems Cleveland is going global as the city keeps up with the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Orchestra.  I met last week with Tony Prusak, new Director of Convention Sales at Cleveland’s newMedical Mart and Convention Center.  Just two weeks into his new job and before the building is under construction, Tony is already working to bring conventions to Cleveland’s new facility.

Synergy also exists between the the vibrant social communities.  Both cities are known for throwing great parties. and therefore creating great memories.  Whether it is a corporate, wedding or philanthropic event, event planners are always looking to make their events unique and creative.  Next week’s 2009 Event Showcase and Expo in Pittsburgh brings together event planners from Pittsburgh, Cleveland and all points between to see some of the area’s finest event resources.  Planners may take advantage of the expo to find that unique new twist that makes the event stand out.  Last year’s Akron Children’s Hospital’s Annual Charity Ball (Akron’s oldest charitable event) brought an orchestra over from Pittsburgh for this sold out event.  After more than 106 years this committee has learned the formula for success.  According to Sherrie Kim, last year’s media chair, the criteria for selecting the orchestra was stringent.  they needed to be able to play continuously for 3 hours, including the presentation of Akron’s debutants, and they needed to play a wide repertoire of music.  They delivered.

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