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    3 Reasons Why You Need to Collaborate With a Micro-Business

    Tweet If you are living in Ohio you are seeing some recovery from the recession. Home values which dropped significantly are beginning to recover. I just read that Ohio is seeing personal incomes rising. This is a patchy story across the country and indeed, globally. For people of my generation who took a huge hit with investments, downsizing and a very competitive jobs market, the most efficient way to recapture that wealth and lifestyle is to take the plunge to create a micro-business.

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    Green Lodging: Is the Mattress the Answer to A Growing Epidemic?

    Tweet They love traveling, as a couple and individually. Comfortable in trendy hotels, glamorous apartments, chateaus and hostels, they love digging in to the local lifestyles. The world is indeed this hip young couple’s playground. Usually they return from their trips with a fresh look at life, warm memories and perhaps a trinket or two.

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    Restaurant Week-Restaurants Work to Bring in Travelers and Locals

    Tweet My daughter Ginger works at the trendy Esca in NYC’s Theatre District. She asked me to remind my readers that NYC Restaurant Week runs from January 24 through February 6, 2011. Esca is one of more than 300 restaurants participating in offering prix fixe three course menus for tempting patrons. In the case of Esca patrons can select the lunch for $24.07. If you are visiting New York for a Broadway show during this time, Ginger reminds me that you will need to reserve your seating for dinner before a show before you arrive. This well known restaurant books early but may be available for the second seating since…

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    Local Eco-Entrepreneurship – 3 Stories to Think On

    Tweet TED-Midwest brings this video by Majora Carter of NPR’s The Promised Land.org. These 3 stories are being told in local regions throughout the country and abroad. What intrigues me is the interconnectivity between ecology, economic development and urban renewal. The emphasis in our new economy based on entrepreneurship is changing the way that local communities deal with lifestyle, poverty, education and energy. It is no longer possible for developers who want to see their regions prosper to ignore the impact of innovative thinking in solving multiple problems besides the traditional business models. The issues discussed in this video are all topics at the forefront of economic development here in…

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    Sustainable Fish Choices: From Chef to Diner-Eat Smart!

    Tweet Sustainable food choices make economic and health sense. What we take from the sea is just as important as what we take from the land. For those in travel and hospitality industries, particularly the small businesses that provide the ambiance and depth to cultural regions, bringing this subject to the attention of customers is not always a discussion that is meant for the server or the tour guide.

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    CLE+ CEO Ambassadors

    Tweet From Mary Margaret Lavelle, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland comes this great video about the Cleveland region. People frequently ask about what the CLE+ campaign is all about. This sums it up nicely. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Here’s why its a great place to live and visit. Note: The Businesses. The Lake The Roller Coasters The Bike Paths The Museums The People …and the list goes on…